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RainClear™ Component Stormwater Filter (CSF) is a highly effective, straight forward stormwater filtration system capable of treating large and sustained stormwater events.  Each RainClear CSF can be custom engineered for site specific needs and utilizes EarthLite Biochar Filter Media for stormwater.  This unique system is designed for treatment and removal of Turbidity (TSS) and Heavy Metals (Copper, Zinc, Lead, Iron, Aluminum).  Customers have also seen a 30% Phosphorus and a 33% Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reduction using the RainClear™ CSF.  See Additional Field Test Results at the bottom of the Test Results Page.

2017 Test Result:  10/11/17

Installed for 22 Months and about 100″ of rain, these Two RainClear CSF RCY are still going strong.  Approximately 150,000 gallons of stormwater through each RainClear CSF RCY.  Day of tests was .1″ of rain event.

COD #1: 15.6 down to ND,

#2: 20.9 down to ND.

IRON #1: 55.7 down to 22.1 ug/L

60% reduction,

#2: 149 ug/L down to 38.5 ug/L

97% reduction

PHOSPHORUS  #1: 155 ug/L down to 63.1 ug/L

59% reduction

#2: 51.4 ug/L down to 50.4 ug/L

2% reduction

ZINC #1:  194 ug/L down to 120 ug/L

38% reduction

#2: 379 ug/L down to 118 ug/L

69% reduction

COPPER #1: 16 ug/L down to ND

100% reduction

#2: 5.7 ug/L down to ND

100% reduction