Finally! A bioswale that works.

RainClear™ is designed for easy installation or design for swales and other treatment areas.  These utilize EarthLite™ Biochar Filter Media.  Independent & University testing shows the EarthLite™ Biochar Filter Media removes Heavy Metals and TSS.

The above swale is still pulling its weight after five years!

The bioswale was installed in February 2010. The total cost was $74,000. Five years later, it  continues to pay off. The bioswale has successfully stopped floods from occurring year after year, and also continues to reduce pollutants from stormwater runoff by at least 69% as shown below. Testing for pollutants was conducted five years after installation, on March 23, 2015. See the results below.  Click Here to view the case study on this site.  2016 Update now available.  Was determined it was time to change out the EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media.

Total Phosphorus 75%
Pre-Swale: 1.13 mg/L Swale Discharge: 0.282 mg/L Removal Rate: 75%
Aluminum 72%
Pre-Swale: 16 mg/L Swale Discharge: 4.52 mg/L Removal Rate: 72%
Chromium 79%
Pre-Swale: 0.0628 mg/L Swale Discharge: 0.013 mg/L Removal Rate: 79%
Copper 69%
Pre-Swale: 0.0387 mg/L Swale Discharge: 0.0119 mg/L Removal Rate: 69%
Iron 72%
Pre-Swale: 22.2 mg/L Swale Discharge: 6.26 mg/L Removal Rate: 72%
Lead 99%
Pre-Swale: 0.0158 mg/L Swale Discharge: 0.0096 mg/L Removal Rate: 99%
Zinc 72%
Pre-Swale: 0.95 mg/L Swale Discharge: 0.603 mg/L Removal Rate: 72%