An Affordable, Versatile Media

for removing heavy metals from stormwater Since 2010.

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2017 Results

2/24/17  New Test Results in for both StormGuard Filtration Bags and for RainClear CSF RCY systems.

Utilizing Biochar Since 2010

Independent & University testing shows the EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media removes Heavy Metals.

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What is EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media? 

The BEST Biochar Stormwater Filter Media on the Market!!

It’s an organic filter media utilizing biochar for the reduction of heavy metals from stormwater naturally.  Being highly adaptable, EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media can be utilized in bulk form on your site in existing vaults, swales and catch basins.  Along with bulk, we also offer other containment options if you don’t already have your own, StormGuard™ Filtration Bags, RainClear™ CFS treatment boxes and  RainClear™ 2-Stage for swales.  Contact us for more information and how EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media can help reduce your heavy metals.

EarthLite™ RainClear™ Component Stormwater Filters (CSF) are designed primarily as a downspout treatment system but versatile enough to be utilized in many different configurations.  Learn more…
EarthLite™ RainClear™ 2-Stage is an engineered bioswale that includes EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media to increase the reduction of heavy metals in stormwater.  Learn more…
EarthLite™ StormGuard™ Filtration Bags are high flow, high UV tolerant bags designed to help reduce heavy metal in areas that need the EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media confined.  Learn more…